Postbox collection

Life seems to be busy again after a looooooong holiday.
I have work to finish before going back Thailand next week.
While meet up with friends is necessary because I love to hee hee.

Cooking and baking with one of my friend are now added to 'to-do' list once or twice a month. We had so much fun baking brownie yesterday. To my surprise, my friend's husband love our brownie so much. So he decided to buy her a new oven just because of it! I'm so happy to hear this since my friend told me that she think she's falling in love with baking after whisking sugar and eggs yesterday. So getting new oven means good news, so she can bake as much as brownies, cookies, cupcake and etc as possible. : )

Looking back, it's hard to belive that I left melbourne only a week away,
it seems like months!!
First few days we stayed around Elwood which has lovely neighborhood.
We had so much fun just jalan jalan around. Took pictures of postbox and flowers from lovely home with beautiful garden in front.

Some of my friends said this is quite normal. But I love this kind of postbox.
We dont' have it in Thailand. Even in Singapore is boring postbox down the building that looks the same. So hope you enjoy it as much as I do : )

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