enormously happy trip

Haven't cycled for a loooooong long time.
One reason is because I don't own any bike : (
So last trip to Chiang Mai was the perfect fat chance to revive my rusty cycle skill. Because the dormtel I stayed had lend this cool yellow bike for free. Yeah!!

I cycled around Nimman road. Got out to the main road once just to look for my most favorite 'Tao Huay' (beancurd in sweet ginger soup, topped with crunchy fried dough) and almost got roadkill!....wiiiiwwww!

Anyway, it was an enormously happy trip. It broaded my mind and experience...A LOT! I'd met loads of very nice people. Visited many super cute shops where passion in every single piece of their work is obviously shown.

And the most important thing is...I'm going to share those experience with you all in my blog and also in the zine that I'm now making it with Keetee, who's the most yummy/cuty/lovely/funny/etc host (Mr.Bear, u too!). Thanks so much Keetee, you're superb! 

11 treasure

11 treasure

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jun jun

paper spoon in the secret garden

hand room

hand room

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