This is what I call a happy trip ♥♥♥♥

Oh! I'm sooo happy. Happy with this lovely town, Melbourne.
Happy with yummy food, good cafes, chocolate and etc.
Happy with lovely people especially the few whom I met, talked to and hugged.

Here is the summarize of some of the restaurants, cafes and shops that we'd been to. I wish I will have a holiday like this with my Boo again soon!!!

Some of the lovely shops we'd been to. 

Some of the cafe that we'd been to...
I love the atmosphere of 'Combi' where the owner knows most of the customer's name(of course except us) coffee and bakery are also great.

Some of the restaurants we'd beent to...

Show, exhibition, day tour that we'd attended...
This is the first time for me at the play and I'm so impressed!

My most favourite name card for this trip.
It's from the restaurant called 'Vue de Monde' 
because the card contains seeds of a lemon scented bottlebush!!!
what a creative way to make a name card!!!


  1. E N V Y

    only one word for you this time Aenoi ชิ ชิ

  2. anyway,I think we connect somehow na because I update my blog with a flower like you do too!!!
    welcome home na ja.