Latest collection

Today I'd tried and tried to convince myself working but failed completely...Ouch! : (
So I blamed the sky which dark and covered with storm cloud above.
Well, at least one task was done, only one more left to do. I still have the whole night working on it : X

Finally, after 9 months of living in Sin city, we'd filled 2 shelves!!!
Books in the lower shelf belong to Boo. While the upper shelf are mine.
Even you can't judge the whole book by its cover, but at least you can guess its type.
Fantasy and suspense thriller always use black color, while romance and chic lit use bright color. Just like our character I think Ohhh la la....

work work work...


  1. I have a new list of book I have to buy this year^^
    I notice that I have most of the book you have(the one I don't have I am sure because its not yours but maybe Boo's),maybe next time I will suggest some book to you^^(if you have time to read Aenoi!)

  2. Oh!!!I forget to tell you that the doll so lovely!