broadway market

I love this market! I can say that it's my most favourite market in London!!
If I can extended my stay, will definitely visit this market again.
There's a flower market every Sunday morning. I'm so lucky that went there on Sunday.
The sound of stalls' owner calling for customers filled the chill air while I jalan jalan(my singapore's friend said it means strolling : ) with the boo between rolls of colorful flowers...oh that's heaven.

There're few cute little cafe at the front before entered the market.
We  started the day with salt beef sandwich and warm coffee at one of them.
All the shops there are so cute! the owners are very friendly. They allowed me to take photos as much as I want to with a smile : )

Wish I have a chance to go back there again!

The little cafe we had breakfast

It's so cold, my hands were freezed. I spilled the sugar all over the table. Clumsy me!

Rob Ryan's shop

his original work!!

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  1. I do love the candy store(with vintage postcard/card on the wall?).I can see you are so happy!!!
    Anyway,I love to see more and more picture (send more on my e-mail na ja!!).Thanks!