Kaya Pao

Last Saturday I had a severe sorethroat. once got up I told the Boo to bring me to see the doctor. That was the very first experience with doctor for me in Singapore.

After the doc said my throat inflammed and my Tonsil was a bit swollen(how come? I don't know), he gave me lots of medicine.

On the way back home, we found what looks like and oldie Pao shop which has lot of Paos' trays stacked high up to the ceiling. Its aroma was sooo good. So we decided to pick one each of the choice to taste at home which are pandan kaya paste, Chasui(roasted red pork), mince pork and black bean paste.

Of course, my most favourite is pandan kaya paste! (I ate 2/3 of it myself haha)
The super soft and warm pao melted with the the paste perfectly.
Good for someone who's a sorethroat like me : )
Noticed that they also served Kopi.
So I will definitely pop by again later just to sit back and sip kopi-c together with my favourite pandan kaya paste pao.

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  1. I don't like pandan but if it's pandan kaya,I can never get enough! and Kaya Pao?G!May I have some?