Thank You

Loads of work always makes me speechless. It consumes most of my energy and time. Making me a wracked doll at late ngiht. Sometimes I even stop and ask myself 'do I really have to work this hard?'.

But what can I do? we have to work for a living, aren't we? At least I'm lucky that having the job I love(thanks to Buddha and luck). Have life the way I want it to be. Have the most lovely&care hub-Boo. Have friends that make my life valuable and happy.
Thanks Keetee, for the good times and lovely friendship that we have.

I really love this, so cute


  1. I am speechless.....Don't let me show people what you gave me!It's so much more Aenoi!!!
    The reason I gave you this things because I feel that your friendship mean to me a lot^^

    and I don't know how to express it^^
    Thank you to you too my dear friend.

  2. HO HO HO...
    want to show the world how cute of the tiny little(&big) things that you'd delivered to suprise me everytime I got home. ^0^