Beware of falling durians!!

This entry is devoted to durians!!!

I just love this sign and found it while trekking in 'park connector' around Bukit Timah. I think it's very unique and truly Singapore since Singaporean are very fond of eating durian in any kind; fresh, stuffed in pancake, cake, moji, crepe etc. just name it, they eat it all.

Another picture to confirm their love in durian.

Trekking in Singapore, you can collect the fallen durian if you wanted to. It's edible, dont'worry. There're many durian trees in the forest as the sign indicated to be aware.
I found this while trekking in Paula Ubin on the way up. When I came down, all durian were gone. Left alone the bicycle.

Most of durian sold in Singapore are from Malaysia. One of my friend (whose her best friend is Singaporean) said Malay Durian is the most yummiest of all. May be true...but I'm just too scare to try. Why?

If there's durian stall within 100 metre, you just know it because the sweet strong aroma will head kick your nose. Problem is...they eat it tooooo ripe. Too soft for Thai people like me. It just stick every single finger when you pick up. I found it yuck to eat like that, just thinking about it makes me shudder(sorry if it's your favourite fruit, but this is just my point of view as Thais okay?) Thais eat fresh while it's a bit hard, a bit soft. Some bakery shop started to produce it in their cake(which is not widely popular). One day i'll brave enough to try, hope that it's as sweet as it's aroma. 8:-)


  1. Do you know I am fruit-phobia?I think I have mensioned it before?

    I do hate Durians!!( I caanot tell which one I hate most betwwen Durians and Lungan)but my mom love it! she gonna thrill if she go to Malaysia,you said that their Durians the yummiest,right?

    G!!Aenoi!!I hate this post>_< ( Ha HA)

  2. Hahah, wow. I heard the best one out there is actually the Mao Shan Wang durian (King of the Mountain?) I've tried it and it's really good. And expensive too :S

    A local ice cream parlour, Udders, sells durian ice cream that I think are real yummy! If you want something different you should try it. Oh! but it might be too 'soft' for you :P