The cute and cool wedding bouquet

I started selling buttons and craft stuff on etsy many months ago. The reason is I'm so in love with those tiny buttons especially the colorful plastic vintage style. Some of my friends said I'm crazy. He asked me who's gonna buy buttons from internet? (FYI in Thailand, buying and selling things on internet is not as popular as in US or other countries.)

I must say that it doens't make a big chuck of profit. It's not a big business which has order everyday. But I'm happy with it and I do believe that each style of button waiting for their soulmate. 8:-)

This morning I just got email and photos(in this post) from my latest customer. She said she used buttons from my shop created her own 'Wedding Bouquet!!!' What a creative and smart girl! The only thing I can say is I'm so admired her. And soooo happy that buttons from my shop take part on one of the most happiest day in her life...the wedding day!...the beautiful start of the new life!

Never knew that selling buttons on etsy can makes me feel soo happy.
I'll definitely have a sweet dream tonight. 8:-D


PS. Not every buttons in the bouquet are from my shop. That doesn't matter because it's such a cool and cute bouquet, don't you think?

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  1. I always think that I should find Etsy before I am wedding...because I love everything I find in Etsy!!!I can plan my new whole wedding just surfing Etsy!