Pad Thai

After having talked to many foreigners, I found that most of them love Thai food. Hah! I’m so proud of this fact (hope that they did not make those nice statements just to please me).

When I asked them about their favorite menu; the most frequent answer is ‘Pad Thai’ which seems to be the bona fide symbol of Thai food from their point of view (may be because of the name, how can Pad Thai be Vietnamese?).

But guess what! Pad Thai is not included in our home cooking menu!! Some Thais eat it only just once a year. Like me, I have Pad Thai only few times a year or less than that. Some of you may even have it more often than me. One of the reasons is that proper Pad Thai has so many ingredients, so much so that it is not worth cooking the dish at home. Also, it is very hard to find restaurants that cook it well, even in Thailand.

Because of the distance or limited ingredients, Pad Thai that you find in most restaurants tends to look quite different from the original. Authentic Pad Thai must be cooked with love from a very specific type of soft and silky rice noodle called “Sen Chan”, medium-sized prawn, bean sprouts, spring onions, grounded peanuts, eggs, and flavoured with tamarind juice, prawn’s roe, palm sugar, and good quality fish sauce. Everything gets wok-fried on very charcoal-fired stove for that special smoky taste. On the side – for that final touch, you must have Pad Thai with young banana flower and a good squeeze of fresh lime. Ummmm……

If your mouth is now watering, plus you got a chance to go Thailand in the near future. Just copy the text below, print out and show it to taxi. Then enjoy proper Pad Thai at “Lung Pha”(uncle Pha) restaurant. Which I can say that it’s one of the best ones in Bangkok. (it’s within walking distance from the government house and the Royal Palace)

ใกล้ร้านผัดไทยทิพย์สมัย ประตูผี ถ.สำราญราฏษร์

or follow the link below to see the map

All of the pics in this entry are from my friend’s blog, Sally. Thanks so much Sally!
and thank you to for the map.


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