handmade folded cards. Idea to steal.

Haven't got round to update my blog for a loooooooong time.
One thing is because i was a bit busy lately.
Another is because I'm not sure if there's anybody stop by. haa...

While I was trying to figure out how to reuse lots of kraft paper,
the idea of folded card was popped up in my head.
I'll be happy if you love it. You can steal and adapt it to create your style of card.

Here we go...

Fold A4 paper 2 times.
Bond Folder is very useful when it comes to fold paper.

Cut them in half in whichever direction you like.

Decorate inside with mts, tapes, stickers, stampers or whatever you like.
This kind of card will give you more space, allow you to have more fun with mt
and write down longer message.
While i making this, the rain storm was looming and finally it rain.
How i love when it's rain and i'm safe and sound at home. chill mak mak loei.

Once done, fold it back. Seal with your fav mt.
I kinda love this bow mt. It's really truly madly cute and that's why I have 2 colors heee ^^

Seal different side with different mt to make it more kawaii. 
Cut the end of the tape with different scallop! (a bit hard but you can try)
or cut them like what I did. 

Then, I used needle and this darling paper rope 
since I have only standard puncher which produce a pretty big hole and the rope may loose. 

Tadah...hhh... done!
super easy isn't it?
then you just decorate the front with cute paper or tapes 
and write down the address of your love ones. 

this is how I decorate another card.
I used different kind of rope and it work pretty well : ) 
If you have lovely twine in stock, you can use them too. 

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