Lovely clear blue sky at Drottingholm.

It was such a great trip. We ate lots of good food, slept more than 8 hrs a day.
Had nice coffee&yummy breakfast at coffee shop around the corner 8 days in a roll (yes, call us boring couple!)
I'd never eaten any beetroot as sweet as in Stockholm!
We lost once, but found super nice local restaurant in the end. Enjoyed brief talk with the locals who wondered how on earth did we get there. I wish we have this kind of trip more often.

I think I'm old enough to know what I really want.
Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not about age.
Recently I keep asking myself what I really want to do.
Life has given us so many choices, too many for me i guess.
I tried to list pro and cons of each choices and still couldn't make a decision.
The decision that I can enjoy social life while still hidden behind my comfort zone.
I wish I can soon...tomorrow may be?

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