Oh yes, that' right. I'm now crave for writing a blog!
It's been a while. The past few months has been busy(of course, extremely happy!)
Now I'm thinking about going somewhere I can chill and relax.

Phuket again? sounds nice. I love Yaonoi and would be happy to go there again.
Melbourne? Oh yes! I love Melbourne! I love all the nice and warm coffee shops and all the lovely craft markets.
London? Naaawwww! it's freezing now. I'm a tropical anmial. I prefer to stay in Asia at the moment. Even the super yummy cheese toast at Borough market can't chage my mind.

Okay back to reality, I know that I can't do that just yet.
My hubby also busy with his work. me too.
Instead I browsed all the pics I took during each trip
and remember the tiny coffee shop in Tokyo where there're lots of cute painted animals on the green wall
It always makes me smile. I hope it will make you gals smile as well : )

even the menu is....Kawaii!!


  1. น่ารักมากเลย อยากไปเห็นจัง
    มีหนังสือภาพวาดของคนนี้ด้วย ชอบจัง

  2. What an adorable little place! Would you want to share the name of this find with your readers? Pretty please!
    Afizah x

  3. cute! i've missed reading your blog! hope you are well : )

  4. Gosh!! I havn't checked my own blog!
    Sorry Afizah!

    this place called 'Hattifnatt Cafe'
    It located in a small street, Azuma shopping st. : )

    Lina, I miss u toooooo!

    พี่อ้อยคะ เอ๋น่าจะรู้ก่อนว่าเป็นใคร เพราะมีความรู้เรื่องนี้เท่าหางอึ่ง ><!
    รู้แค่ว่าน่ารักมาก ต้องไปให้ได้ทะนั้นค่ะ