Kawaii Japanese sweets.

Today we had lunch at Ma Maison, Mandarin Gallery.
We love this katsu restaurant because the vibe is just right, not too packed and rarely have to queue.

After the meal we had lucky draw and got 2 Japanese sweets of our choice.
I choosed Japan yogurt with a tiny wooden spoon....sooo kawaii!
and some kind of sweet which has rabbit and squirrel printed on the package.
It reminds me of Keetee. If she were here, I'll definitely give it to her!

Oh, about the taste. The yogurt tasted like an icing which coated on top of old style cake. So we had just few spoons. (how come they call it yogurt?). For me, the most important thing is not about the taste, but about the feeling of getting something kawaii and enjoy the moment of admiring it. : )

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