My studio

I'd never paid attention to my workroom until last week.
When my husband walked inside and said 'you should get some drawers or boxes to keep things, it's getting more and more in your studio"

So I bought a small paper drawers from Muji.
You believe that, if we buy the drawers alone, it'll cost 13 sgd.
but if you buy it with just one pen, you'll pay only 12.50 sgd!!
(for drawers and pen!)
At first I kinda hestitated, but now I'm happy that I took that pen
because if you bought 2, you'll get 15% discounts.

Okay back to my workroom again,
my husband also encouraged me to put a sign on the door
just to indicate that this is my studio.
And I'm crazy enough to do just what he said! hahaha...
I love this room, even sometimes there's too much light in the afternoon.
but it's airy and I can patch anything on the wall as I like.
oh yes, 75% of them are from Keetee, my lovely friend! : )


  1. hello! your studio is lovely! i've always wanted to shop at muji, but of course there is none where i live. i love how you followed your husband's advise - so cute!

  2. Hello Lina,
    Thankssssss for your compliment. : D (big smile here)
    Even no Muji, I know your country has lots of interesting than that!
    And yes, I followed my hubby advise...because he's always right! : )