My first strawberry tart!

Congratulations to myself!
After failed of making pastry dough last year because of the hot-humid weather in Thailand that makes butter melt sooner than expected. The result is I couldn't rolled the pastry even had thrown it in the fridge for almost an hour. Okay...I admitted that another reason is my lack of experience in baking but it's not the main reason, isn't it. Blame it on weather! 5555 :)

I come back again with the new and easy recipe which is adapted from 'Strawberry milk tart' picked from dailydelicious. Trust me that it's sooooo easy...I just put all ingredients together in the container with lid and shake it for 30 comes the perfect pastry dough within less than 5 mins preparing time. Even my version is a bit different from the original but I quite proud of myself though.


PS. Many thanks to Keetee for the lovely wooden fork. Sooo lovely ja.


  1. They are so red and this is the cutest strawberry tart ever!!!!

    It's seem impossible for me to cook!so this is so amzing!

  2. That looks so delicious! Such huge strawberries!