Morrocan mint tea

Lately our favourite dessert is 'Chocolate Conitreau' at 'Crepe&Co', Thonglor Soi 8. The crepe with orange flavoured ice cream filling and rich chocolate sauce topping which is then flambe with Cointreau liquor is oh...sooooo fantastic to have after dinner. We went there almost every week. :)

Further than 'French apple cider', (James, who's british didn't believe that there's any apple cider produced in France) I found that 'Moroccan mint tea' is the best beverage to go with the crepe. The strong mint aroma combine with the sweetness of the tea is perfect combination to make it the most refreshing drink.

So this afternoon I made one, using mint that I'd planted in the pot on the balcony together with tea from Taiwan...even it's not served in a tradition Moroccan glass but still sooooo refreshing...and soooo good for the sleepy afternoon :)


Thanks for the above 2 photos from Ken, who's also appreciated this wonderful dessert with us.


  1. Love to try some Morrocan tea!I hate mint tea but I love to try this one!

  2. The crepe and the tempera green tea ice cream in your previous post looks so yummy!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! Means the world!