a day in Melbourne

Like I told you from my late blog that nowadays I keep daydreaming about travelling to somewhere I can forget everything and enjoy every single moment with my boo. May be because I work a bit overdrive.
So there's nothing wrong with browsing old albums which I took while I was in Melbourne on holiday last year right?

That might be the first time that I really bought a museum ticket to go into the exhibition, Tutankhamun.
Actually I'm so damn afraid of ghost and haven't eager to see any burial ground even the famous one.
The main reason I'd like to see is because I'm a big fan of Japanese comic series 'Faroh's curse' (which is unlikely to has an end even it's been almost 20 yrs now!) , so what's driven me was not about history but it's about historical romantic story hee hee hee.

But it turned out a bit creepy ^^"
Seeing what's inside the pyramid, knowing how they removed the Faroh's body and the creepy thing which was happened to the person who first dug the pyramid was haunted me for a few days later.
Things that made me feel better was a vast beautiful garden outside the museum.
We had a happy time strolling hand in hand. Took time, talked, laughed and lots of smiles.

That night we had a super big dinner at 'Vue de Monde'
They served Australian modern cuisine which uses local produce and lots of innovative technique for each plate. Simple but great taste and have a super tasty selection of wines.
Highly recommended for the couple who like to celebrate their anniversary.
The service is super excellent.
That night I wore blue polka dot peterpan collar short dress with sneakers (and black leggings)
My boo wore plain t-shirt and khaki pants.
While other guests in the restaurant wore suits and glamour evening gown!
Even so, the staffs treated us as excellent as others. That was the thing that impressed me most.
The second thing is they gave us a set of breakfast before we left!
This restaurant is one of the top reason that makes us want to visit Melbourne again (and again and again!)

it was hard to take a photo under the dim light. 

dessert, I can't remember the name but it was good!

the breakfast set

The pic I took nearby our place that same night.
Love you gals! : )

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