Memorable breakfast

I'd been away from the blog for a while.
The past month was hectic. I travelled to Thailand, Japan, back to Thailand, to the north of Thailand, back to Bangkok and then Singapore...within only a month. I can say travelling is tiring...for me.

There're million things to do while there's little time.
Interesting project came by so I have to grab it because this may be the only chance in my life.
Who can say no to what you've been looking for for the whole life, right?
I have to admit that, I forgot to blog completely (and I think no one is waiting for me as well hahaha)

Until last night, my husband asked me about the blog.
I was thinking about my first trip to Japan and the most memorable thing.
The answer is staying at 'ShiraUme' ryokan in Kyoto.
I love the owner and her daughter who treated us super good.
I love their traditional breakfast which is soooo yummy. (and dinner too!)
I love their soft, warm and cozy futon which is very inviting.
I wish I have a chance to go there again.

but now...back to earth.
to lots of work that needed to be done
and dinner for my beloved hubby to be cook.
: )


  1. awww i've missed your blog posts! what a world-wind of traveling you've been doing! the breakfast looks delicious. & what a cute little bowl

  2. Hahaha...thanks Lina for stopping by. : ))

  3. I love smile face little bowl!