BYOB discount.

Just came back from shopping at a nearby supermarket.
Normally I've never checked the receipt.
I know, I know, it's the bad habit but I couldn't help it really.
Mainly is because I always in a rush. The queue here is always loooooong.
if you already paid, please get out of the way with your things,
so next person can proceed to the cashier and go home cooking as well.

But today I did. The good thing of checking receipt was...
I found out that I got lots of discounts!
For example, my new trolley cost only 9.53 SGD while the price on the shelf shown 19.90 SGD. Gosh! that's a lot!
I got discount without knowing it. How lucky I am!!!!

Okay, let's get back to the point, I just love the way they have discount for pp who bring your own bag.
Even it's just a small amount but it implies that more and more people are getting concern about this issue.

Last time I went back to Thailand. I got discount for bringing my own bag to the supermarket as well. Even it's only 1 baht.
Keep going Thailand. (even it's a Japanese supermarket)

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