'Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
...Happy Chinese New Year!!' :)

So glad that the day I start to write this blog is the day that Chinese people all around the world're celebrating this happy moment with their family and love's also a valentine's day. Love is in the air...

After seeing many pictures that my blog friend - Rose - had e-mailed to us from Chiang Mai(a lovely province in the northern part of Thailand) where she visited last week. I texted her how yummy those strawberries look (the ones in the pictures) and wished her a great time with family there knowing that she was looking forward to go to Doi Inthanont(famous mountain in Chiangmai) for sometimes already.

She texted me today at 4 pm saying that she'll be at Bangkok around 6 pm and then will head to Phuket but she's got something for me. Since I wasn't home, so I asked her to leave whatever it is with the building's security guard. We usually send little things to each other whenever we have the chance as she live in China most of the time. Giving can make us feel as happy as receiving don't you think :)

As I went back home at around 9 pm, the building's security guard gave us a parcel wrapped with newspaper. I unwrapped and there it is!!! the box of yummy strawberries that looked exactly like the one I'd seen in the pictures that she sent via e-mail. It tasted so sweet which is rare for Thai strawberries.

I called to say thank you. Actually I wanted say some words that can express my feeling more than just thank you. I knew from our conversation that she loved it very much and think that I'll love it too so she made lots of effort to buy the strawberries, carry the box to Bangkok and hired Motobike Taxi to deliver the box to my home (By the way, it's so sad to hear that Motobike Taxi experience in Thailand is the second most scary experience in the world ranked by the Lonely planet...the truth is... it's not THAT me :-p ).

Receieving things unexpectedly can make us feel very happy. No matter how big or how small the gifts, ultimately, it is the intention that counts.
Those strawberries is something under the ribbon that makes my Chinese New Year / Valentine's day a perfect day :-)

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  1. Now I know why you blog named " Under the ribbon" Such a cute name!!!
    Will follow more what will under the next ribbon^^